Who am I?

A consultant, designer and developer with 30 years of experience in programming and data models.

Proficient in languages such as: C++, C#, PHP, Python, SQL, Javascript, Turbo Pascal, Linux Bash, .NET Powershell, MS-DOS Batch.

Decades of experience with data structures and entity relationships. Five years creating extensive SQL queries, extensions and customization solutions for SAP B1.

Proficient in software and enviroments like Visual Studio, Visual Code, SAP B1, Linux, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Photoshop and Lightroom.


Coding has been a integral part of my life, I would not be the person I am today without the experience.

Around the age of ten I brought my virus ridden computer to my fathers’ company. Their senior programmer helped me remove the virii (phreak) and inspired me to get into programming. He introduced me to the first development languange called dBase III. Using dBASE books as references, guide and instructions I build various database model applications.

Few months later I was browsing the computer section of our local bookstore and I found books about the Turbo Pascal and Basic languages. I took home these books and aquired the compilers, and thats when my interest in programming really took off. I loved trying to learn the grammar of Turbo Pascal. Which actually meant a doing lot of book research and even more time debugging to find the bugs in the code when code actually compiled.

With the gift of a 2.4K baud (read: SLOW) modem I was introduced to dial-up bulletin board systems. Getting to know system operators and other like minded computer fans from the demoscene got me into graphics programming. One of the first demoscene releases I experienced was Second Reality and it inspired me to create programs showcasing 3D animations, pixel art and intricate transitions between them.

Eventually I started to run my own bulletin board as a system operator, which could be compared an website which you have to dial up to visit. This was around 1992 and kept me busy until 1998 when I got access to the internet. During this period I build a Microsoft DOS application for an electronics repair service company which was used for many years as their administration tool.

During the early internet era I taught myself to build static websites using the hypertext markup language and cascading style sheets. When the web matured I explored creating dynamic websites with Javascript and Pre Hypertext Processor scripting.

In 1996 I signed up for the bachelors degree of Higher Information Engineering at the College of Amsterdam. During this period I took up the role of lead developer in various teams which required me to teach myself, and others, programming in languages as Java, Haskell, C#, C++, PHP, Delphi and SQL.

During my studies, around 2002, I started developing my fathers’ company website. Back then there was no powerful mainstream content management system, which lead me into building a custom website backend. In C# I rewrote the electronics repair shop administration software application.

Fast forward 15 years in which we grew the company into an succesful distribution with 12 employees. Early 2018 I started building our e-commerce website. It took about half a year of full stack development to build and integrate the platform with the finance system and media libary. I can proudly say that the website is now collecting thousands of orders with a yearly revenue of over one million euro.

I have never actively acquired leads or clients for the websites listed in the portfolio. Simply put: “I love this field!”, speaking about development obstacles, giving out good advice and not demanding anything in return gave me the opportunities to build these great websites. I’d like to thank you for the trust which made my own company a fact.

Gaming and Movies

I have always been a gamer and movie enthusiast first.

The NES, Nintendo Entertainment System, console which my parents bought for my eight birthday brings back great memories from my youth. I thoroughly enjoy the many experiences ever since I first played through The Legend of Zelda.

Notable are the adventure games from Sierra and Lucasarts such as Leisure Suit Larry, Space Quest, Monkey Island, Days of the Tentacle, Full Throttle and many more which had amazing charm and humour. The genre is still very much alive with recent titles as The Darkside Detective and Thimbleweed Park from indie developers.

Captivating movies from my childhood: Flight of the Navigator, Goonies, Aliens, Rats of NIMH, Explorers, Young Sherlock Holmes and The Neverending Story. I consider myself lucky to have seen these movies at a young age.


I’m currently available for project based and long-term consulting work.

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